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Nomads Secrets is a premium travel planning and concierge service delivering luxury travel experiences around the world that bring each destination to life. The company, led by Lucia O’Connell, has a core group of consummate travellers with senior corporate backgrounds and the experience, calibre, knowledge and enthusiasm for in-depth travel.  The Nomads Secrets team has the expertise to provide full travel services from concept to final delivery of customised luxury travel for couples, families, friends and small special-interest groups. We are neither travel agents nor tour operators. We strive to push the limits of the travel experience through custom planning, innovation and final refinement. Our approach involves a highly participatory involvement with our clients, the director of travel planning, experts in guiding hospitality, academia, the arts, food and natural sciences all working together from beginning to end to create and deliver the desired trip. In the end, our clients get to enjoy the world they seek to discover with uncompromising honesty and independence turning their holiday in a spectacular adventure.


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Travel the way we do with our Tanzania itinerary

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Specialising in: Worldwide travel


Weather to go

The size of Tanzania means that the climate within the various topographical regions differs greatly. Located close to the Equator, the climate is tropical, however over the past few years African weather patterns have become increasingly unpredictable due to the effects of global warming. Generally however, the coastal areas are hot and humid whereas the northwestern highlands experience cooler weather and more temperate conditions. The best time to visit Tanzania is during the long dry season (Jun-Oct), where humidity is low, rainfall is unusual and the days consist of clear skies and sunny weather. While the central plateau generally remains dry for the entire year, the other regions endure two rainy seasons. The short rains (Nov-Dec) rarely effect travellers on safari, while the long rains (March-May) see a daily downpour that is accompanied by high humidity.



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